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Canon FDn 135mm f/2.8

Lens info

Lens Construction (group) 5
Lens Construction (element) 6
No. of Diaphragm Blades 8
Minimum Aperture f/32
Closest Focusing Distance 1.3 m
Maximum Magnifcation 1:7.7 (0.13x)
Filter Size 52 mm
Maximum Diameter x Length 63 x 78 mm
Weight 395 gr (0.87 lb)
Hood -
Canon FDn 135mm f/2.8

Overall Score

IQ 8.4 8.3
Build 8.1
Based on 4 reviews

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Has 20+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 9.0 8.7
Build 8.0
compact, lightweight, cheap, builtin hood 
considering the price: none 
it\'s true that its a bit soft wide open but thats exactly what I like about it for portrait.

Mine is bit rattly at the lock for the bayonet.


Has 30+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 7.5 7.5
Build 7.5
cheap, fairly compact, small built-in lens hood 
softer wide open 
a bargain at today´s cheap prices. My copy needs to be stopped down to f5.6 for optimum sharpness, wide open it´s quite a bit softer (unlike my FDn 200mm f4). The built in lens hood is too short, but at least it´s always there, and is certainly better than nothing. I add a longer hood over the top of it when necessary. Reasonably lightweight and compact, typical FDn build.


Has 1-2 years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 9.0 9.0
Build 9.0
sharp, contrasty, flare resistant even open, builtin hood 
lens hood a bit edgy to extend 
I bought this lens to complement the Panasonic Lumix 45-200 for situations where I need a faster lens. It does an admirable job at concerts and the size is just bearable for hand-holding on a small camera. On my Canon A-1 it\'s quite good as well for portraits. The coating and the built-in lens hood make it resistant to flare. The sharpness is excellent for such an inexpensive item.


Has 20+ years of SLR/camera experience.
IQ 8.0 8.0
Build 8.0
sharp, moderately fast, compact, built-in hood 
none at this price 
I bought this to complement my 85 on the long side, since I\'m not using the 200 mm that much. Great value, and a solid performer. Also, it\'s really comact for those street scenes were you want to be discreet...
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